Chloe Saves The Day

Written By Charley Wagland

Once upon a time there was a puppy called Twilight who loved to play hide and seek. One day Ava (the rich girl) took Twilight for a walk out side of the Tipton hotel! Twilight was twisting twirling and peeing when all of a sudden...... She saw Snow White, so she freaked out and ran away. Ava dropped all 24 of her credit cards in the middle of the street and went to Twilight!

Daniella and Zoe meet an Angel of Darkness called Charley. Charley has changed Alex and Max to being bad.

Daniella and Zoe try to destroy the Pettigue Restaurant and Take Snow White to the city! Charley also makes Laura (the candy counter girl) believe she is a bird and does the same to Indiana (the Manager)

Chloe is trying to sleep When she dreams a horrible dream!

She dreamt about Charley and went off to help!

She helped a lot and in return she gets to live in the hotel with Ava.

PS: Picture of The Angel of DARKNESS Down below (beware she is in all kinds of discuss like this one)