Be safe on the Net!

8 helpful tips and questions


Theses are 8 helpful tips on how to be safe on the internet! Follow these and you will lead a almost perfect internet experience!


1. Be careful what you post! anyone can see them!

2. Do not bully on the internet! hears a helpful video on bullying!

3.Do not share personal info! they can see the info!

4. Make your passwords with capitals and symbols! should be between 6-8 characters! hears a helpful link to passwords:

5. NEVER agree to meet anyone online! they can be Harmful!

6. Do not download stuff that can contain viruses

7.Do not share photos of your friends unless they say you can!

8. remember theirs more to life then online! you can always exit!

question to ask yourselsf

ALWAYS think before you post!