Transition Plus

Helping Students Transition from High School to Adulthood

This was a historic week for us as Americans, as we watch the change of power happen with our new president. While this may leave many of us with heavy hearts for ourselves, our families and our students, we must also remember that there are those who have a different view of this. We need to honor and respect those who have opinions different than ours.

It is always right to spread a message of Love and a message that we will not tolerate hate, racism, bigotry, sexism, homophobia or xenophobia.

It was amazing to see the outpouring of support for women's rights at the marches across the globe on Saturday. If you were one of the people marching, share your stories with our students and let them know how peaceful demonstration can send a strong message!

Due Process

1) Please accept IEPs once you have a signature or implied consent has been obtained. This will always be noted on your spreadsheets. Double-check to see if you need to complete this step.

2) Remember that all PWNs (including eval plans) for students who speak (or whose families speak) a language other than English need to be translated unless a Waiver of Written Translated is signed. You can check on EdPlan to see if one has already been signed and scanned in, otherwise you can also check their DP file.

3) Be sure to review all new students' IEPs so that you know if you need to make any changes. If changes aren't made through an amended (or annual) IEP, then you (and the school) are responsible for delivering all services and addressing all goals as written.

Counselor's Corner

Team 2 and Team 3 Case Managers:

If you have missing 2nd semester schedules for our students, please complete one before Wednesday the 25th. Robby will be printing 2nd semester schedules and placing them in case managers mail boxes on this day. It’s important that ALL students have a schedule to start with on January 31st. Otherwise, Robby will become inundated with students who do not have a schedule and will not be in their classes.

Quarter 2 grading period is open. All grades are due by end of business Friday 1/27. Comment Codes are located in the shared drive under the behavior folder- please use them as much as you can.

All quarter 2 classes have the correct credit weight assigned. However if you feel a student deserves to earn a different amount of credit in your class, or are a teacher of record in a class that issues variable credit, please e-mail Robby with the students name and the amount of credit you feel is appropriate.

FYI- Robby will be out of the office with no access to e-mail on Thursday 1/26 and Friday 1/27. If you have any questions about grading / credits, etc., on these days, Robby will respond to all messages on Monday the 30th.

Menu Update

Food Service students have chosen their own menu for staff lunch this week. We will be serving Chili Dogs, chips, veggies and cookies on Wednesday from 11:50-1:00. The hot dogs will be all beef and we will have the other usual condiments in case you don’t want chili.

Students will also be participating in our own T-Plus version of “Chopped”. It should be exciting and the competition is stiff. Give your students a cheer and come and watch if you’d like.

Student Concern - We need your help!

There is a student on team 1 who has traditionally worn headphones while at T-Plus. The student's team is working to transition him from needing them.

Please do not comment or say the word headphone around this student as it triggers him to regress. Instead frame things in the positive- comment on his hood or other aspects that do not draw attention to him having or not having the headphones on.

Thanks in supporting all our students!


If you do not have students coming to advisory, I encourage you or your SEA to seek the students out, especially if they were seen earlier in the day. You can also ask the engagement team to call your room and ask them to look for certain students.

Remember, unless it is an absolute emergency, you should not be using student names over the walkie.

Attendance/ Engagement

Attendance needs to be taken for every class- every period!

Please help to ensure that we are getting the data we need to be able to show how we are doing with engagement.

If you have low numbers, but students are attending T Plus(just not your class), I would like you to start examining your current practices and see how you can engage students more! Here is a great article to help you think about engagement.


Here is the schedule for Monday January 30th PD - There will be some changes throughout the week based on feedback for sessions- If you would like to host a session not being offered, please let me know ASAP

8-9 Licensed staff get time in your rooms

9-9:45 SEAs meet with teacher staff

Work coordinators meet with job coaches - Rm C200

Licensed support staff offsite

10-11 EdCamp Session 1- ALL Team 1 staff to meet in Brett's room -

11-11:55 Lunch on your own

12-1 Session 2

1:10-2:10 Session 3

2:20-3:20 Session 4

All Licensed staff please be sure to bring your laptops to contribute to the notes in each session.

If you are planning on attending the deepening race/equity work you should read the following article ahead of time- How Racial Identity Affects Performance

A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota

On Friday 1/27/17, three Minnesotans of color share their stories . The title of the book above has the voices of sixteen contributors. Lena Gardner will host the conversation after three read from their personal essays. There will be a Q & A period following the readings.

This will take place at First Universalist Church of Minneapolis, 3400 Dupont S- 1/27 @6:45

Watch legendary activist Angela Davis rally Women's March On Washington
Bet You Didn't Know: Rosa Parks | History