Follow-Up: December 7, 2021

Mission Progressing Together Meeting December 7, 2021

Questions and Answers Section


  • Thank you very much for your presentation, they are edifying and educational to put into practice on a personal and family level. Keep highlighting topics like the ones you regularly give us. I appreciate it a lot. Congratulations.

  • Thank you for your help, advice, patience in your meetings.

  • The children hardly eat, it worries me because sometimes, just as they grab the plate, they throw it at the exit and 20 minutes of lunchtime are not enough for me because in what they stand in line, they sit downtime has been lost. Thank you for these meetings; they help me to be a better mother.
    The principals of the schools will make sure that the students have enough time at lunchtime for students to finish their meals.

  • Congratulations on your great presentation and the very productive information you give us. Thank you.


  • Is there something being done with security at the school? My son informs me that the high school restrooms always smell like marijuana.
    The high school administration will take action to advice that restrooms be monitor more constantly.