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The Latest News for GCA Teachers and Staff - Nov. 12th, 2014

Please enjoy the Weekly GCA Staff Newsletter. It is our intent to inspire and encourage you through shout-outs, tech-tips and general reminders by taking a light-hearted and positive perspective to what makes being part of a virtual school special. While it is not intended to replace the important information which is shared through your school, we hope you will find even more reasons that it is truly a GREAT DAY AT GCA!

Georgia Cyber Academy - OUR MISSION

The mission of the Georgia Cyber Academy is to provide an exemplary educational experience to students in a unique and individualized setting. We embrace a collaborative partnership between teachers, learning coaches, and students that recognizes the needs of the individual child. The provision of research based curriculum and rigorous, standards-based instruction guarantees student success as measured by academic gains, parent and student satisfaction, and continued institutional growth in the respected academic community. Academic success and the ability of our students to reach their highest potential is our ultimate goal.


Professional Development follows our Staff Meeting each week.

Topics for November:

11/14 - DDI - The Data Carousel- Analyzing School Data

11/21 - 504 Plans and Referral Process - Robin Wise/K12

-FIP -Clear Learning Targets

11/28 - Thanksgiving Break

12/5 - Professional Development Week - No Staff Meeting

Please remember these meetings are required for all staff. Should you need to access the recording to a meeting, you can find all staff meeting recordings on the Home Page in Sharepoint.

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Students First Panel Discussion!

We are excited to have a "students first" panel discussion at the upcoming December Face to Face Professional Development!

This will include members from each department of GCA: Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Counseling and FAST.

Focusing on 3 areas:

  • building relationships
  • engaging students
  • recent trends in education

Please participate by including your questions for the panel below!

Click on the link below to submit your questions!


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December 2nd-4th - Our next Face to Face Professional Development - Location: Cobb Galleria Please note: December 4th is Special Education Staff Development

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Family Engagement News


November Parent Newsletter - https://www.smore.com/fnvmy
**If you live in or around Candler, Sumpter, or Clayton Counties, please try to attend the “Learning Coach Night Out” planned in Nov/Dec. See details in the parent newsletter.**

November Parent Meeting (10:00) and Parent University (10:30)
Next Thursday, Nov. 13 at 10:00. Topics Include:
Elementary -P.A.R.E. Writing in Elementary (Katherine Morris)
Middle School - How Do I Become A More Effective L.C.? (Jennifer Mitchell)
High School - Advanced Placement (Stephanie Pain)

New Weekly Tips! 5 Keys to Successfully Communicating with Parents


Be aware of how you speak to parents and what you tell them. Always "sandwich" your concerns with praises on either end.

K12 Open enrollment!


The time of year has come when you are able to make changes to your benefits for the upcoming plan year.

Your enrollment will be completed online through the HRPortal.

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Tuesday, Dec. 2th | 7:30PM | ATL Hawks vs. Boston Celtics

We currently have over 40 attending!! There is plenty of room for more! Please contact Russ Long if you have questions about seating.

Don’t miss Georgia Cyber Academy Night at the Hawks! Come see the Hawks vs. the Boston Celtics in a star-studded match-up! Click on the link, pick where you want to sit, once you click on the specific location you will see the a special discounted price for Georgia Cyber Academy!

*A portion of the proceeds will be donated back to Georgia Cyber Academy!



Please Read! Pre-PD Task

In preparation for December PD, please read the instructions below.


What are QR Codes?

A QR Code is a 2-dimensional bar code that can be easily generated and then decoded with a smart phone (or other devices.) When scanned/read, the QR Code can activate the opening of a web page, dialing a phone number, sending an email or text message, and more.

How are QR Codes Used?

QR codes are very common in Japan and Europe (and are becoming more and more popular in the United States) and can be found on posters, signs, magazines, menus, and many other places.

Where to get a QR Code Scanner/Reader:

  • Some phones and mobile devices come with barcode readers already installed.
  • Go to the App store for your device and search for “QR reader” or “QR scanner”. You will find lots of free options.
    (My favorites for the iPhone are I-nigma and Qrafter)
  • You can also do a Google search for something like, “QR reader for Nokia,” or “QR Code scanner for Droid.

How to Scan/Read a QR Code:

(Also called mobile tagging.)

  1. Open the QR Code or barcode reader on your phone or mobile device. (This will activate your phone’s camera.)
  2. Center the QR Code within the provided frame.
  3. Once the code is read, it will automatically activate and take you directly to the sign-in survey link!

Resource: Tammy Worcester Tang, former classroom teacher, specializes in finding unique and creative, but most of all,effective ways to use technology in the classroom.http://tammyworcester.com/

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Last Friday at the staff meeting, I shared an activity that I promised I would send to you - So here it is!

Click on the link below and be sure to click on the markers to see the responses to the following questions asked in the survey:

  • Where were you born?
  • Tell an interesting fact about yourself.

The updated map includes over 200 FUN FACTS from you that participated!


You can see that GCA is an amazing collection of INTERESTING PEOPLE!

no personal information was shared in this activity.

We enjoyed welcoming Stephanie Chi, our Instructional Specialist from K12 last Friday to present professional development on Positive Framing, as part 1 of the 4 part Teach Like a Champion series. Below is the link to the blog she mentioned during the session.

blog: http://tlnotebook.weebly.com/coaching-blog/positive-framing-goal-setting

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