My Smart Goal

maddie saab


  • Who is involved: The goal involves me, my parents, the drivers education teacher, and the DMV.
  • What do I want to accomplish: I want to get my license on the first try.
  • Where will I complete goal: I would be able to get to my goal when I get in the drivers seat of the car and get on the road.
  • When will I complete this goal: I will complete this goal around April 16th.
  • Which requirements and constraints do I have: Some requirements that I have to complete are the drivers manual questions, I have to make a project for the class, I have a few more lessons with the driving instructor, and I need more driving at night hours with parents which can be a challenge on school nights. Some of these requirements can also be a challenge when you are looking into what days would be good to drive.
  • Why is this goal important: This goal is important because I have less than a month left of drivers ed. class that is required.


How will I know that I have reached my goal?

I will know when I will reach my goal of 40 hours of driving, because it is written down after I go driving with the instructor or a parent. And by the time the class ends (on march 30th) I will hopefully have all the hours that are needed. Then I'll be able to go to the DMV to try and obtain my license.


Can you see yourself achieving this goal? Can you break it down into manageable pieces?

Yes, I can see myself achieving this goal of getting my license. And I can break down the time into more reasonable hours to get to the total of 40 hours needed.


Is this goal too difficult to reach? Too easy?

This goal is not to difficult to reach I just need to get my hours in. But it's not easy because I have to put in the time to drive and finish my assignments.

Timely & Tangible

What is your target date for reaching your goal?

My target date to get my license is the latest of April 16th after drivers ed classes are over, which ends March 30th. I know I will reach my goal when I pass all the drivers tests.