Top 5 Essentials Every Mom Needs!

By; Alex Vargas and Marissa Mendoza


Dropcam allows parents to monitor their children using their phones. This device provides a high-quality streaming video. - $149
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4mom infant tub

4mom infant tub provides a flow of clean water and the digital thermometer makes it easy to guarantee the water temperature is safe and comfortable for the baby. - $49.99
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Prince Lionheart Premium Wipe Warmer

Prince Lion-heart Premium Wipe Warmer keeps wipes fresh and moist for an easy changing experience. It is also an easy and convenient dispensing. - $29.99
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Baby Shusher - The Sleep Miracle

The Baby Shusher is the sleep miracle device designed to calm and soothe your baby instantly. It has a adjustable volume dial and provides timer options which you can choose from either 15-30 minutes of continuous "shushing". - $24.98

Baby Maddox

Formula Dispenser

The Formula Dispenser is a dispenser that helps keep your sanity when you have a screaming baby in your arms. The dispenser doles out the exact amount that you need for your babys bottle. - $30
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