Notes from the Library

November 2014

In the Library...

Wow--there is a LOT going on in the Library in the next few weeks. Thanks in advance for helping me out as I just try to hang on for the ride!

I'll be at the Virginia Association of School Librarian conference for 3 days this week. It will be odd not to be around the students for an entire week!

In my absence, students can be testing out our new Hokki stools that were funded through the Donors Choose grant! If you would like to borrow one for your classroom for a day, just check with Susie or me.

I am hoping we will be able to watch live Morning Announcement Broadcasts beginning the week of November 10th. It will probably start mid-week. The library office will be reconfigured into a video broadcasting studio. I'm hoping we can do some green screen work later in the school year. For now though, we will be using a new web-based system for our announcements. There will be further instructions sent by email.

Book Fair is November 19th-21st. It will be open for 3 days with afternoon or evening hours each day. Setup will be on Tuesday. The library will be closed during these three days for checkout. We will probably let students go over their checkout limits if they need to stock up. Teachers will be able to check out whatever they need during this time.

We have Laura Murray, author of Gingerbread Man Loose in the School and Gingerbread Man Loose on the Fire Truck coming on December 4th (a Day 0). She will do three presentations for pairs of grades.

I love this video!

If you watch this with your students, remember to try to view it without the YouTube environment.
College football star's novel story