come and get all the potatoes and green you want!

Dive into mouthwatering Irish food!!:)

Two traditional dishes are Irish stew and fish and chips.Lets take a leap into everyday life food.Fore breakfast (fry) Irish have two fried eggs,bacon or sausages, grilled tomatoes, brown bread, and juice or tea.Lunchtime is meat potatoes, and bread.Dinner (tea) : mashed, boiled, or backed potatoes, vegetables and bread.People 18 and older can come and get a famous cup of Irish whisky!

Enjoy some breathtaking landmarks!

Dublin's st. Patrick's cathedral is an historical Irish institution. Now lets get to some landmarks. Dublin's 394 feet tall tower of light. The Blarney Stone a kiss for good luck. A great site is the cliffs of Mo-her over looking the wild Atlantic Ocean. Those are some of Ireland's landmarks and historical sight,

The amassing language of Ireland!

Ireland has two official languages which are Irish (Gaelic) and English. English is the mostly spoken language in Ireland. Along the western sea bored Gaelic is spoken. Every thing in Ireland is written in both Gaelic & English. That is the Irish language for ya.

The weird climate.

Ireland has a mid wet climate. The average temp. is 41 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and 59 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. I would pack for cold weather. Irelandes climate is influenced by the North Atlantic current. The oceans winds also bring much rain and the heaviest rain falls in the mountains regions along the west coast. That's the weird Ireland climate.

Ireland has allot of fun things to do.

Some fun activities include hang gliding, paragliding, rock climbing, scuba diving, surfing, and water skiing. Ireland is mostly known for hours racing. Dublin zoo has a vast of different animals including a tiger. Ireland has allot of of amusement parks. that is fun in Ireland.

All about the amassing culture.

The Irish people who go to school are funded by the government. Ireland has a nation of scholars. Traditional Celtic music is an important part of the Irish culture. Ireland uses traditional instruments like the harp, tin whistle, and the fiddle. That is the beautiful Irish culture.