By: Addison Neprud


The Mayans worship corn. The corn was very sacred to them and believe that if you were a god, you could be made out of corn. They also had a respect for their elders. They would look at the sky too, to know when its planting season. To also help with their life, they made the Sacred Calendar. It told them the right time to farm and when the rituals would be starting. They didn't use the normal writing system like we do, but they drew hieroglyphics, that would often mean a sound or word.


The Incas had a very tight and controlling government. They would tell you where to live, who to marry and how much food you can have with you. They invented the irrigation system. This is when you have a field of crops but in between, you have water running in the cracks. Since the Incas didn't have a main writing system, they sent messengers to meet other messengers halfway to deliver the message from village to village. Corn was also sacrid to the Incas, just like the Myans.

The Aztecs,

The Aztecs used hieroglyphics to write like the Mayans since they didn't use a regular writing system. Fun fact, they invented chocolate! It didn't taste like it does today, though, it was actually a drink! It didn't look like or taste like chocolate, but they still farmed Cocoa beans. They farmed it on these things called floating islands. The floating islands were made from sticks being placed on the river floor. Then they but reeds and mud from the river floor on top to make a surface that plants would then grow on. When the Aztecs arrived, it was a swampy wetland. When a family member dies, they would bury them under their house, often along to help them guide the person to the afterlife.


1. Irrigation

2. Sacred Calendar

3. Aztec Chocolate

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