Loss Of Biodiversity

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Humans Comes First

The number one main cause for loss of biodiversity can be due to human beings on the world’s ecosystem. In fact human beings have truly shifted the environment, and have took animals territory, utilize the species directly. some examples are hunting and fishing. changing the biogeochemical cycles and moving species from one place to another on planet earth. Animals habitats are also being destroyed due to over farming and humans wanting to expand there living space.


Breath of fresh air

We all know that affecting another species food chain or destroying its habitat can result in being troublesome for all in its ecosystem. leading the whole think to collapse, humans have a very big part to play in this as well. we humans like the finer things in life and some times it comes with a price. As we expand our living area we cut down trees now this may not see likes it bad but on average we cut down about 6 billion trees a year by doing this we are destroying animals habitat. we also need trees to breath. trees release oxygen and absorb carbon so no more trees no more humans.
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Loss of Biodiversity

Save Mother Nature

This video talks about how we lost over thousand of different species in the last fifty years and that nature is love. It also talk about how ever three minutes a different species of plants and animals vanish forever. In this video it gives us some ways that we can help protect mother nature.