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Jack and Jill

That afternoon, Jack and Jill went out for a walk. They walked up the hill and got some water! The bucket was too heavy and Jack tripped down the hill. His dad came running to him and asked what happened. He said, "I was running with water and tripped." Jack's dad told him to get an ice pack.

Black labs

Black labs

Did you know Black Labs have lived since 1885?

There are two types of labs one of them is the American breed the second one is English breed. The English breed is more compatible than the American breed. Black labs love to play and love kids and people, they aren't scared of strangers. They love to be outside, and their favorite thing to do outside is going for jogs, walking, and playing. Labs are more energetic than most dogs. Male labs can grow to weigh 100 lbs. or more! Some of the labs have eye problems.Black labs love childeren! In the 1990’s Black labs were originally for fishermen. When you are sad they know and like to comfort you, and love you as much as they can.

I hope you learned more about labs!

Marley& Me

Summary of the Movie in your own words: Marley & Me

Marley and Me is about family that gets a naughty but yet adorable dog! The main character are Owen Wilson/ John, Jennifer Anistion/ Jenny , Nathan Gamble/Patrick , Finley Jacobsen/ Coner, Lucy Merriam/ Colleen, and Marley/ dog . Even though Marley is naughty the family learns a lot from Marley. The family raised Marley since he was a pup! At night, Marley ran across the street and the family could not find him. They finally found him and he was really sick and took him to the vet. That morning he came home, but was still down.

favorite app

Out of an app or video game, I have to choose Instagram. It is my favorite app because you can see what people are doing. If you don’t have a friends phone number, you can DM them. You can like or comment like Facebook. You can talk to your friends on Instagram. My favorite thing about Instagram is that you can see your friends’ family through pictures! Another thing I like about Instagram is that you can have your account private where nobody can see your pictures if you decline it.
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