Wringer Book Project

by Blake Weaver


Wringer is a book that talks about how Palmer LaRue, the main character, has a pigeon that flew into his room and is hiding it from everyone else in the town. He needs to hide it because his hometown of Warmer has an annual pigeon day which they capture pigeons, put them in crates, release them, the shoot them out of the air. Palmer names this bird Nipper and protects it with all of his life.

Palmer LaRue

Palmer is a boy who lives in the town of Warmer with his mom and dad. He is an only child.
He keeps a pet pigeon throughout the book and will do anything to protect and keep it a secret. When his friends find out, they all want to kill this bird. Palmer feeds him cereal and makes a nest for him out of an old shoe box.
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Beans is a bully and the leader of a group of hoodlums, including Mutto, Snots(or Palmer), and Henry. He is a bully because he makes fun of them and annoys them.


Dorothy is a Palmer's best friend that lives across the street. Dorothy still up for him and has no problem with Nipper.

The Secret

Palmer has a tough time keeping Nipper a secret. He put on a mask to keep Nipper from following him and getting caught. He also lies to his friends about it. At the end, he takes Nipper many miles from home, but the pigeon found his way home

The End

Palmer goes to pigeon day and says he doesn't want to be a wringer. He barely could save Nipper after the bird was shot. There was a little boy who wants to keep a pigeon for himself.