Careers in Sports Medicine Project

Showcase your research and make an online flyer!

How to get started...

1. Go to

2. Click on "Sign up for free" in the upper right corner.

3. Enter the information, be sure to remember email to log in and the password you create.

4. Once registered, click on "create new flyer."

5. Select a template or create from scratch.

6. Use the tools from the bottom OR between sections to add information, links, images, etc.

7. Enter your information into the form on the teacher's computer prior to leaving so your work can be shared next class.


1. General information

- name of career

- description of career

- general duties

2. Additional information

- current employment trends (job outlook)

- personality qualifications

- education needed

- two schools of specialization

- average salary

- common injury or condition treaded by this professional

3. Personal Reflection - whether or not you are interested in making this your career and WHY?

4. No less than one picture related to the field

5. No less than one link to a related professional organization


Include your name and your sources using MLA format at the bottom of the flyer.

If you need a citation generator, go to