Imperial Units

A detailed explaination

What are they?

Imperial units are a type of unit that we still use! Not a commonly as metric but we still use them.

Metric units are Centimetres and millilitres, Imperials are Pints, Feet, Gallons and Miles. Britain still has not fully adopted the Metric system or the Imperial system as we still use both. Inother countries like Australia, Metrication is almost complete

Equivilants - Length

1 Inch - 0.0254 Meters

1 Mile - 1,609.334 Meters

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Equivilants - Volume

1 Gill - 142.1 Milliletres

1 Gallon - 4,546.09 Milliletres

Equivalents - Mass

1 Hundredweight - 50.802 Kilograms

1 Ton - 1,016 Kilograms


Imperial units are still being used in GB and are slowly being faded out and replaced by Metric units. But to be honest, I can never see "One pint please" dying out!