The Dog~Haiku

I will wolf and bark.

I will come in diffrent breeds.

Diffrent colors too.

The Yummy Pork Chop~imagery

I come from a pig.

Most people like to eat me.

I taste really GREAT.

With bone or no bone.

Juice drips from me on the grill.

I get flipped over.

Brought to a tabel.

Put on a really nice plate.

Seasoned on each side.

Put into a mouth.

Chewed slowly and tastfuly.

That tasted great mom!!!

The fire~personification

Dawn, tells me to forget about yesterday.

The fire,(That I started yesterday) reminds me not to play with matches.

The mountain, guides me to a new home,and now my parents keep matces away from me now.

The Bowling Ball~Similes and metaohors

Bowling like a giant game of marbles with pins.

As fun as making art.

A bowling ball is a base ball that rolls.

Around and around and around until it hits the pins.

Like a bullet hitting a target.... POP!!!

All the pins are down.

With speed and agility.

All ten pins are gone like a ballon in the wind.

ZOOM!!! The ball comes up for another game.

It is a hungry cat when the food is put in his bowl as every thing happens again!!!