To Kill a Mockingbird

Jeremy Atticus “Jem” Finch

At a yoing age Jem had broken his left arm at the elbow, and that arm is slightly smaller than the other. Jem is Scout’s brother and a great friend at the beginning of the story. Jem is something of a normal American boy, refusing to back down from anything and amazed about playing football. Jem is about four years older than Scout, he feels that he is too old for Scouts games and gradually separates himself from them, but he remains her close friend and protector throughout the novel. Jem grows up during the story, and his morals are questioned by the evil and injustice in the trial of Tom Robinson.

What Jem Represents

Jem represents the idea of bravery in the book, and the way that his definition changes over the course of this story is important. The shift that occurs probably has as much importance to do with age as experience, although the experiences provide a better framework for you.

By Harper Lee

Jem Finch - To Kill A Mockingbird
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