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April Newsletter

Have you had your yearly (at least) blood work?

Have you had your blood work done yet this year? It is important to have yearly blood work done for a variety of reasons. Even if you feel fine, you can have some underlying issues going on in your body. For most issues and diseases, early detection is key. Having yearly blood work done allows you and your doctor to tract any changes in your body. Some complaints that might prompt Dr. Patty to order blood work on you are fatigue, infertility, unexplained weight loss/gain, and chronic headaches that do not go away after treatment. Contact the office to get your blood work ordered today.

Social Media Contest!

We would like your help in getting the word out about Zemaitis Health and Wellness. So what is better than a contest! During the month of April earn 5 entries if you write a review on either Yelp or on our Facebook page. Earn 1 entry for every time you check in on Yelp and/or Facebook. The best compliment you can give us is a referral, so if you refer a new patient, for chiropractic care, acupuncture or massage therapy you will earn 10 entries! Our grand prize winner will win a Fitbit Flex! Contest winner will be announced the first week of May!

Supplement Spotlight

Each month we will start to spotlight some of the supplements that Dr. Patty thinks are important to take. This month we spotlight Perque's multi-vitamin, Life Guard. This multi-vitamin contains 40 essential nutrients that can protect your heart, body and brain. It contains a super potency B-complex, elemental forms of 10 minerals, mixed vitamin E, as well as cell alkalinizers and energizers. All of this along with the Perque brand's promise to not include soy, wheat, dairy, MSG, phosphates, and preservatives. This multi-vitamin dosage can be changed so that during a normal, relative stress-free time a lower dose is taken compared to a time of high stress or sickness. Life Guard comes in an original sized tabsules or a mini form.
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