Why Should we Save Energy?

By: Annalee Carver

Its the Little Things That Count!

So... why is saving energy saving energy important? Saving energy is very important, its really expensive and really easy to waste. That is why we always have to keep an eye out and not leave the faucet running!

Saving Energy at School

I think that our schools should have one solar panel and one wind turbine per school. I think this because when its sunny and partly cloudy we could use the solar panel, when the wind turbine might not be able to produce the energy needed. Yet maybe when its a dark,windy, stormy day the wind energy can produce lots of needed energy!

Saving Energy in The Community

Biomass is the key! It may be a little gross but if you think about it its very convenient. If I personally was farmer would like all that waste gone and, not only are you getting rid of all that gross manure its producing energy! The best part is that you don't have to live next to a waste tank because the energy travels in power lines.

Saving Energy at Home

I think that the best way to conserve for home would be to use biomass. It would be a good idea because you would have power rain or shine and you wouldn't live near the waste tank because the power could travel to your house through power lines making your neighborhood still a healthy environment!

Save that Energy!!!