Iraq, Iran, and Afganistan


People have been stuck in an airport due to bad weather. Iran is trying to send another monkey to outer space. Iran is running out of money and is asking other countries for money.


Currently in the u.s there was a war in iraq and isreal wanted to start a civil war in iraq and take over the united states.Iraq had a anti-goverment demonstraitions since december 25 2012 but there were guards of the finance ministers ratio al-lassor got arrested with terriosm.the people of demonstraitions allege that the arrest was made under sectarian grounds and the people wanted the end of terriosm.

there was an attack in iraq that killed 29 people and all fanties would just got to go the funerals and sucide bombers one killed them then ashes of the bomber. it struck 235 people and they were injured in that year and after that there was a opposition against.on wensday there was another from suciders and 240 kilometers explosion.

There is something that hit iraq oil was shipping to a different place and head quaters had a spill. Iraqs oil fell to 2.34 millions barrels made the water out of oil and i got stuck at the head quarters. the barrels of oil ships spelled by high winds blowing of them


During the Vietnam war, Sen. George Aiken, a Vermont republican is famous for saying we should claim victory and go home. President Obama is thinking of a way to use this strategy in Afghanistan. The U.S. has achieved their goal of forming a strong relationship with the Afghan government.

Kabul, Afghanistan- the United Nations High Commissioner distributed emergency cold weather supplies to families. A 3 year old died of exposure 3 days earlier. The Afghan government sent warm children's clothes, blankets, tarps, cooking utensils, and soap to 900 families in the area.

An explosion killed 7 Afghan villagers in Kabul, Afghanistan as they tried to pull bodies from debri of an exploded mosque. Four insurgents and 1 Afghan soldier were also killed in the operation. After protesting they dig to find more bodies.