The country of colorful river birds

Uruguayan National Anthem - "Orientales, La Patria O La Tumba!" (ES/EN)

Basic Facts

Location: It is on the Southeastern Atlantic coast of South America, bordering Argentina to the west and south. Brazil resides to the north.

Weather/climate: It has severely mild climate, due to the absence of mountains. The regions are vulnerable to rapid weather changes, also due to the low elevation and sloping hills. It stays around the 70's in the summer months and the 40's In winter.

How to fit in!

Language: Spanish

Folkways: Accordions and guitars are very popular for the music lovers. The Bandoneon dance is very common at festivals or celebrations. They take dances like the tango and samba and turn them into solo ones. They have very emotional lyrics to their older songs.

Taboo's: Recently they have come to not have any taboo's. Their president has legalized weed, abortion, polygamy, and gay marriage. A taboo would probably be abandoning their children. They are very family oriented.
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Digging deeper

Subcultures: hip-hop and rock and roll from America are very hip there. They also have a lot of " hippies ".

Culture landscape: Montevideo city, western style and clothing types. They are known to consume more meat than almost any other culture.

Cultural diffusion: English rock, hip-hop, and American style.

Culture change: Now they separate church and state, they are democratic. Have legalized things that used to be considered taboo's to their culture.
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