All about SHAKESPEARE!!!

By: Samantha Riley and Brady Ison

Shakespeare's life...

-Born April 23, 1564 -Died April 23, 1616

This man left behind a great and brilliant works of art. But, when he was 52 his great work was questioned. He was accused of copying the works and not really writing them. With these works Shakespeare changed the english language forever.

Plays and Sonnets...

Shakespeare wrote many famous plays and sonnets. Some include Julius Caesar, Macbeth, Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet. These are some of the most famous plays by him. He has had 4 poems and sonnets. These include: Sonnet 18, Sonnet 116, Sonnet 130 and Sonnet 2.

Quotes from Shakespeare...

- Such stuff as dreams are made of -The be all and end all -To be or not to be

- A fool's Paradise -Eaten me out of house and home - Kill with kindness

-Off with his head -Pomp and circumstance

Shakespeare words!

- Bedazzled - Boldface - auspicious -Champion - Dauntless - Eventful - Flowery -