Bermuda Triangle Autec

Adam Chakir Richard Black jan 15 2016 pd 3

vanishing in the Bermuda

The 5 squadron plan was flying from fort Lauder dale was flying on a plane exerciser flying in a triangle drop torpedoes for practice then out of no where they radio in their compass is malfunctioning then they reported that they couldn't see land.

The witch craft

A very skilled pilot sailed into Bermuda with supplies on board he radio in he hit something and need to be toned back to shore in a calm voice and when they reached him their no signs of anything nothing at all not even that a has been their.

One survivor

their was only one survivor a plane he was a pilot he was flying over the bermuda triangle he was being pulled in the bermuda and couldn't see anything he quoted i am in a endless fog but really quoted by a researcher the fog was following him.

The bermuda

their is many therios of this triangle and this is ours autec base is doing bad things down their and don't want the public going crazy about it.
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