Sabercat Update

We are one step closer to the First Day of School!

Schoology is open. Click on hyperlink provided in text.

In preparation for the first day of school, please read this Important Information for Parents and encourage your student to login to Schoology prior to the first day of school.

A reminder that all students will see is a welcome banner when logging into Schoology. However, this will assure you that your student is connected for the first day of school. Your child will see their classes on the first day of school.

Face to face students are also encouraged to log in before the first day.

In addition, I have attached a parent resource and the resources I shared yesterday for further reference.

Big picture
Our staff has been working tirelessly to prepare for the first day of school. It will not look the same as it has in the past. We have had to understand it and embrace it. We have been challenged to achieve the almost impossible and make it possible.

I ask that we all have patience with each other because we are all new to this. Give grace, because we all deserve it. Lastly, remember we are all doing the best we can and someday soon the pandemic will be over. When that day comes my hope is we will all feel the sense of accomplishment and pride because we did it together. It will be because parents, teachers, students, and staff supported and lifted each other up in this time of adversity.