Back To The Future

Jackie MacDonald


The recently created hoverboard, created this year, 2015, is the closest we have gotten so far to the back To The Future model. Companies Lexus and Arx Pax are working on improving the model. In the picture below, there is the evolution of Arx Pax hoverboards.

Wearable Technology

Companies like Google Glass, Apple, Fitbit and Cicret Bracelet have all created different types of wearable technology from wristbands to glasses.

Self-Tying Shoes

Recently produced by Nike, Slef-tying shoes are very similar to the back To The Future Model.

Video Calls

Video Calls have evolved over time to the modern, everyday apps/tools we have today. For example Facetime, Skype and Oovoo.
Michael J. Fox Models the First Self-Lacing Nike MAG

Free-Hands Gaming