Cyber Safety and Netiquette

Be safe on the internet and be nice!

Why should we be nice on the internet?

Well it's because if you're nice on the internet,people will be nicer to you.It is just like real life treat others the way you want to be treated.The people that are mean to you are usually known as trolls,no not the ones under a bridge.These people will do anything to hurt your feelings because they have nothing else to do,remember be nice on the internet.

Be safe!

Don't leak your information to random people that you do not know in real life.This could lead to bad things.For example if you're on facebook under the age of 18 years old,dont make your page public,make it private so only you're friends and family could see.Dont put where you live down on the information because people will know where you live,also don't add random people that you don't know,be safe!

Some pictures to show you examples of netiquette and being safe on the internet.

Thank you for looking at this flyer .