Prairie Phoenix Academy Newsletter

April 6, 2023

Letter from the Principal

Greetings PPA Families, Caregivers, Students, Staff, and Community,

We are well into the spring season and time has truly begun to fly! As a reminder Friday is a day of asynchronous learning for all secondary students. Please remind students to log into their google classrooms, if they have not already completed tasks.

Family feedback is extremely important in how we enhance your needs at PPA. Please take time to fill out the school perception survey that is messaged below.

As well, we would like to know what types of community events would you like to see at PPA? Are you a parent, caregiver, or community member that would like to teach scholars how to create your favorite family dish or an art/craft project. Be on the lookout for a google form to share your ideas.

Take care,

Ms. Sconiers

(Perception Survey Message)

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Sun Prairie Area School District is conducting a parent/guardian survey to gather feedback on your school experiences. The results of this survey will help identify what the District is doing well, where they need to improve and to set planning priorities for the future.

You should have received a link for the survey from School Perceptions ( If you have not received the link, please check your spam folder. If it is still not there, feel free to email School Perceptions at

Thank you for supporting your students and supporting our schools!

El Distrito Escolar del Área de Sun Prairie está realizando una encuesta para padres/tutores para recopilar comentarios sobre sus experiencias escolares. Los resultados de esta encuesta ayudarán a identificar lo que el Distrito está haciendo bien, dónde deben mejorar y establecer prioridades de planificación para el futuro.

Debería haber recibido un enlace para la encuesta de School Perceptions ( Si no ha recibido el enlace, verifique su carpeta de correo no deseado. Si aún no está allí, no dude en enviar un correo electrónico a School Perceptions a

¡Gracias por apoyar a sus estudiantes y apoyar a nuestras escuelas!

Meal Planning and Cooking Basics

Students have spent the past 4 weeks learning about how to set a budget for grocery shopping, planning balanced meals, and cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner, and healthy snacks.

Senior Seminar

In the Senior Seminar workshop, PPA Seniors have been learning about different resources that Sun Prairie has to offer to help with their transition to adulthood. One of our field trips was a visit to Sunshine Place and the Sun Prairie Emergency Food Pantry. Students were excited to learn about the rental assistance, Sunshine Supper, and the variety of foods and personal care items that the food pantry has to offer!

JAG Notes

This month, students have been enjoying some Social/Emotional Learning activities during our open art time. We explored important women in history for Women’s History Month, expressed ourselves through watercolor and pastel art, and completed goal-setting for the future.

Many seniors have been taking advantage of opportunities for assistance with college applications, apprenticeship program applications, and scholarship applications. In the coming months we will be applying for summer jobs and internships. We are looking forward to Reality Rocks in April and a field trip to Teddy’s Place to learn about child development and get certifications in SIDS Prevention and Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention.

GEDO Update

We’ve had 13 graduates so far this school year, and many more are only one test away from graduation! We only have 2-ish months left of school, so it’s crunch time!

Student Services Update

Seniors, please pick up your senior packets from Sheri Mclean’s office!

JUNIORS! Check your email for your junior meeting with your school counselor, Annetta Wright!

Advisories, look out for the XELLO Competition! Coming Soon! The first advisory to complete their XELLO requirements will receive a Pizza Party!

What's coming up for Community Schools?

Do you have an idea for programming? Do you need a space to conduct a class? cooking? workout, seminars or more...well Prairie Phoenix Academy is the place for you. We look forward to opening our doors after hours to accommodate your needs. Please reach out to PPA Community Schools for details.

Bus Information

Reminders For Morning Bus Riders

As cold and snowy weather is upon us, here are a few reminders for students riding the bus in the mornings:

  • Arrive at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled pick up time.

  • Wait on the sidewalk or close to the curb if there aren’t sidewalks. Stay out of the road and others’ yards.

  • Don’t cross the road until the driver signals and the bus comes to a complete stop before attempting to board.

Students must have their bus tag with them when riding the bus. Replacement bus tags can be picked up at the school. A photo of the bus tag on their cell phone is acceptable. Students may be denied if they don’t have a bus tag and the driver doesn’t recognize them.


Recordatorios para los que viajan en autobús por la mañana

Debido a que el clima frío y nevada se avecina, aquí hay algunos recordatorios para los estudiantes que viajan en autobús por la mañana:

  • llegue a la parada de autobús al menos 5 minutos antes de la hora programada de recogida.

  • espere en la acera o cerca de la acera si no hay aceras. Manténgase fuera de la carretera y de los patios de los demás.

  • no cruce la calle hasta que el conductor haga la señal y el autobús se detenga por completo antes de intentar abordar.

Los estudiantes deben tener su etiqueta de autobús con ellos cuando viajen en el autobús. Las etiquetas de autobús de reemplazo se pueden recoger en la escuela. Se acepta una foto de la etiqueta del autobús en su teléfono celular. Los estudiantes pueden ser negados si no tienen una etiqueta de autobús y el conductor no los reconoce.