Learn About World Religions!

By: Thomas and Phi

Three Ways that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are alike (Thomas and Phi)

  • They all share the same Holy Land which is Jerusalem. People call Jerusalem the "Promised Land" the land God promised to Abraham.

  • All three religions have a Holy Book (Christianity has the Bible, Judaism has the Torah or Talmud, and Islam has the Qur'an.)

  • All three religions are Monotheistic which means they have a belief in only one god. (Christianity has God and/or Jesus, Judaism has Yahweh, Islam has Allah)

Three Facts about Christianity (Phi)

  • The most important person in Christianity is Jesus Christ the Messiah (Leader of Christianity). Some other important people are, Virgin Mary, Joseph, Moses, and Peter (The first Pope)

  • Christianity has the largest number of followers worldwide than any other religion. There is more than 2,000,000,000 Christians in the world today.

  • Christians believe The Bible is the word of God. The Bible was written in English and Latin. There are two parts in the Bible, The Old Testament and The New Testament.

Three Facts about Islam (Thomas)

  • Islam is the second largest religion. It contains over 1,000,000,000 followers. 23% of the world follows Islam.

  • Muhammad was the founder of Islam. He was visited by the Angel Gabriel. The Angel told Muhammad that there is only one god and to tell the city of Mecca that there is one god.

  • Islam follows what are called the Five Pillars which include Shahada, Salaat, Zakat, Sawm, Hajj. Shahada is profession that there is only one god. Salaat is praying five times a day. Zakat is giving 2.5% of to the poor and needy. Sawm is fasting and self-control during the month of Ramadan. Hajj is a Pilgrimage to Mecca once in a lifetime to see the Kaaba.

Three facts about Judaism (Thomas)

  • Judaism has the least number of followers at about 14,000,000 world-wide. Many Jews were wiped out in the Holocaust when the German leader Adolf Hitler created Concentration Camps to work and kill off Jews.

  • Judaism is the oldest monotheistic religion which means they were the first to believe in only one god. The god that they believe in is Yahweh.

  • Every Jewish child goes through Bar (Boy) or Bat (Girl) Mitzvah which means child growing into adulthood. Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a celebration at the synagogue where the child reads the sacred words of the Torah. A girl's Batmitzvah takes place when they are 12. A boy's Barmitzvah takes place when they are 13.

3 Facts about how 2 or 3 religions are alike (Phi)

  • Judaism and Islam both know about Jesus Christ but he wasn't really important to that religion. In Judaism Jesus was a false prophet and an Islam he was a prophet but his teachings were corrupted.

  • Christianity and Islam are alike because they both believe in Jesus Christ. Muslims and Christians both believe Jesus will come back at the end of the world or if an apocalypse were to happen

  • Christianity and Judaism are alike because they both believe in Jesus but Jews think he is a normal Jew not a special person.
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