FSE Weekly Update

There's a Superhero in Each of Us!

September 4, 2015

Guardian of the Galaxy!

Mrs. Gilchrist is our teacher of the week. "Thanks for helping to load buses."

Remember to acknowledge each other for acts of kindness and going above and beyond on our Guardian of the Galaxy bulletin board by the mailboxes.

Focus on the Little Things....

by Brad Domitrovich, PR Zealot

Not a day goes by that when I ask somebody how they're doing - they give me a one word answer ... "busy". Everybody is busy! I have found that sometimes when we are busy, it's easy to forget our good customer service habits.

Remembering the little things keeps us focused. What are the little things? Words like: "Please", "Thank you", "Sorry for the inconvenience". These are very simple to say, but very much appreciated by both our internal and external customers.

These little things cost us absolutely nothing, take very little effort, and make big points with our customers - especially if they are angry. This week, remember the little things. Our customers will notice. Our customers will appreciate it. Our customers will say "Thank you" to us. That's great customer service!

FSE Celebrates Grandparent's Day

On Friday, September 11, FSE will celebrate Grandparent's Day. Please work as grade level teams to plan an activity or read aloud. I have attached a link with some ideas if you need them. The celebration begins at 1:45 in the classrooms. We will hold grandparents in the cafeteria until 1:45. We will provide cookies, punch, and the note to go home. Grandparents may sign students out in the classroom if permission has been given.

Sick Leave Bank

Please access the form via the Human Resources website- the link is below. The enrollment period timeline is July 1 through September 30. New personnel employed after the enrollment period shall be eligible to join as soon as they begin their work, and must join within 30 days of the beginning date of employment.

*Please note to establish the sick leave bank, beginning with the 2015-2016 school year, a minimumof 100 employees must elect to become members of the sick leave bank during the first enrollment period. A minimum of 50 members are required to sustain the sick leave bank in subsequent years. The bank will dissolve if membership falls below 50.

Counseling Corner

Counseling Reminders:

Sign up for classroom guidance for this 1st nine weeks. Calendar is outside of Mrs. Torres’ office.

Display your kindness chain made during your first meeting with your classroom buddies/Rachel’s Challenge activity.

Homework Assistance Lab will be open Tuesday-Friday, 7:00-7:25 in the library.

Paw Buck Store is now open: Monday-Friday, 7:00-7:25

Please look at your schedule for Lunch Bunch with Mrs. Torres.

Weekly Good News Submission For September

September 4- Deana Smith and Debra Yeager

September 11- Susan Royal

September 18- Devon Hajek and Tamara Pfeil

September 22- Leanne Marshall and Charlott McReynolds

September 28- Stephanie Gilchrist and Amanda Castillo

Sexual Harrassment Online Training- Required for all by September 11

Be sure to check your email and complete the online required training- it is an email from Safeschools online training. You DO NOT need to print anything for Alice. You may keep a copy of your completion for your own records. The next online course will be on Blood Born Pathogens and it will be out in October.

Save the Dates!

Please remember to check the !ALL South online calendar.

September 8- Department Meetings- Be sure your team has discussed this with your IF!

September 9- Little Sprouts

September 11- Grandparent's Day at 1:45 in classrooms

September 11- 3rd grade Lunch Bunch with Dr. Bays

September 11- Last day for online Sexual Harrassment training

September 15- Faculty Meeting (Front office will provide snacks- BYO Drink)

September 21-25 Scholastic Book Fair

September 23- School Wide Fundraiser Kick-off

September 24- Fall Family Curriculum Night

October 2- Last day for Blood-borne pathogens training

Happy Birthday to our September Birthdays!!!!

September 8- Pam Henke and Tarah Kozowyk

September 9- Charlott McReynolds

September 12- Rosemary Ybarra

September 19- Laura Casias

September 25- Taylor Hastings

September 27- Juanita Arellano

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