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January and February 2016

Meet The New LMC Director

Hello! My name is Tracie Marshall, and I am the new teacher librarian at Xavier High School. Before becoming the teacher librarian, I was an English teacher. Although I miss my traditional classes, it is a pleasure to see more students in the library. The LMC is in the process of updates its space with new furniture, carpet, a technology lab, and a collaboration classroom. I am excited to share this space with students, teachers, parents, and other community members.
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Breakout EDU

Xperts participated in a Breakout EDU session during Xcel. Mr. Jason Marshall, technology consultant for Grant Wood AEA led the session. The code was cracked and the mission was a success. For more information on Breakout EDU, watch this video.

Destress With Coloring Pages

Students can color in the LMC during an open period. This has been a fan favorite, and teacher have even come to destress with coloring pages as well.
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Digital Learning Day Challenge With Teachers

Each teacher can participate in the Digital Learning Day Challenge during this week. Teachers will be entered in a drawing to win an iTunes giftcard once they complete three out of the nine challenges. More details can be found in this flyer.
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A maker movement has begun in the LMC. Teachers can reserve time in the makerspace for students and it can be used when students have an open period. One item featured in the makerspace is a greenscreen. More makerspace items will be added during the semester. For more information on a makerspace, watch this video.
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45 Xtras (student tutors) are up and willing to assist any student with academic assignments, projects, and papers. Xtras are available before, during, and after school.

Contact Information

Tracie Marshall and Hannah Konzen

Contact Tracie Marshall or Hannah Konzen (Media Center Assistant) with comments or questions in regards to the LMC.

Hours: Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.