Daniel Boone

The American Frountiersmen

Daniel Boone (1734-1820) is the most widely known of American frontiersmen. He served as the model for James Fenimore Cooper’s Leatherstocking, and his adventures inspired incidents in hundreds of works of fiction. Without Boone the history of Kentucky would have been much different.

Daniel Boone died at the age 86

Boone was born near Reading, in Berks County, Pennsylvania, the son of hard-working but adventurous Quaker parents. He learned some blacksmithing but had very little formal education. Daniel appears to have been a scrappy lad who loved hunting, the wilderness, and independence. When his parents left Pennsylvania in 1750 bound for the Yadkin valley of northwest North Carolina , Daniel went along willingly.
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Boones fame rests primarily upon his exploration and settlement of Kentucky. He was first in Eastern Kentucky, but his expedition of 1769-1771 is more widely known. With a small party Boone advanced along the Warrior’s Path into an Edenic region. When the time came for the party to return he remained behind in the wilderness until March 1771. On the way home, he and his brother were robbed by Indians of their deerskins and pelts, but the two remained exuberant over the land known as Kentuck.
Daniel Boone helped everyone from writing to helping in a fight
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