Is Jackson a Hero or a Villain?

By:Allie Morris

Eight Facts About Andrew Jackson

1) Fact one about Andrew is he had a nickname which was "Old Hickory."

2) He was the first president to truly elected due to popular sentiment.

3) Jackson's birthday is March 15th, 1767. Which is my birthday.

4) Before becoming president he became a lawyer and owned an estate called "The Hermitage."

5) He was born in Waxhaw South Carolina. Which is really close to North Carolina. He was also born in a log cabin so he became the first president to be born in a log cabin.

6) Andrew was six feet tall.

7) At the age 13. he joined the Army to fight in the Revolutionary War. He was the only president to serve in both the Revolutionary War and The War of 1812.

8) Andrew was also a Presbyterian.

Was Andrew a hero or a villain?

Wednesday, March 5th, 4:15pm

My thoughts

I think Andrew was both a hero and a villain. The reason why i think he was hero because of what he did in the Battle of New Orleans. The reason why I think he is hero because he set out, with his soldiers, to fight the British attackers. Also he found ways to help so New Orleans doesn't get invaded. Which was really nice of him. The reason I think he was a villain because he made all the Cherokees Indians leave their homes without being able to take any stuff not even a pair of clothes. Which was wrong on his part. I think that he should be praised on the part he helped common people and the New Orleans people because he tried his best and it was really nice of him. On the other hand i wouldn't blame the people that thought he should of been criticized because of the Trial of Tears. Which was rude and should of never happened.

Promoted Democracy or not?

Jackson promoted democracy in many ways. One way he did is expanded the voting rights for the "common people". Another way is he destroyed the banks because he thought that they benefited the rich and not the common people. Also he devolved a thing called the Spoil System which is the practice of rewarding political supporters with government jobs. Finally another way he promoted democracy is the states rights which is having the rights and powers held individual by US states rather then the government. These are some of the few ways he promoted democracy.