2P "Team Badger" Newsletter!

December 4 - 18, 2015


Awesome Art! A huge thank you to Mrs. Sadowski, Mrs. Natale. and Mrs. Fakhar for coming to class and giving us a super presentation on Pablo Picasso! Please check out the kids truly Awesome Art outside the library!

Readers' Theatre! We read and performed fairy tale plays in class! A fun and enriching way to practice our reading!

Random Acts of Kindness! This week has been all about being kind and recognizing kindness in others!

Visit from Liberty Science Center! We had a very cool visit from the Liberty Science Center to enrich our Weather Unit in Science. See below.

Random Acts of Kindness

We watched the below video to kick off our kindness week! We noticed how kindness is contagious and how even the smallest act can have a big impact on people around you. In class, we are noticing when others do something kind and writing it on a post-it for our door. During morning meeting, we also used a ball of yarn to connect our kind comments to each other. They created the below "web" of kindness!

We are also sharing some of the ways that we've been kind at home. It's wonderful to see the children really paying attention to the small things we do for each other... and showing real appreciation. :)

We hope this has also helped make your holidays a little brighter at home!

kindness chain : best video: watch till end

Readers Workshop

The children have been practicing "synthesizing" or practicing all of the skills that they have learned this fall - wondering, predicting, making connections, and visualizing.

This week we took a break from our reading groups to read some fairy tale plays. The children were each assigned to a play and a part within that play to read. They read through the play first by themselves, and then with their groups. They even had a chance to make a few costumes with construction paper! They had so much fun performing for each other! They read loudly and clearly and they read with inflection and feeling. We were SO proud of them!!

Writers Workshop

We completed our Fairy Tale unit this week. We have spent time during this unit focusing on identifying character traits and then looking for evidence of those traits in our text. We noticed things that our character said or did, wrote these down, and then looked for patterns. Was our character more kind, greedy, thoughtful, or selfish? We identified this as our "Big Idea" and then used our notes to write complete sentences explaining our evidence.

Our final project was to draw a character from our Fairy Tale play and cite a trait and evidence of that trait.


We are finishing our unit on Bar Models! We have learned how to add, subtract , compare and solve multi-step problems using bar models. Bar models give us a visual representation of a word problem and they can help us work through some pretty tricky language. The end of the unit presents some challenging multi-step word problems, but the children are up for the task! We're really proud of how they are learning to persevere!

Our next unit will start after the break - Multiplication and Division.

Science! Social Studies!

Science: We completed our weather unit! As one of our final activities, we had a visit from the Liberty Science Center via remote hook-up. We learned all about different ways to chart weather and did an experiment with the water cycle.

As a culminating project in class, the students worked in pairs or small groups to complete a weather poster. They chose one of our topics and then drew a picture/diagram and related facts. They also incorporated a fairy tale character into their drawing! They are hanging outside the classroom!

Social Studies: We started our new social studies unit - Communities! We are learning what makes a community (places where people work, play and live) and designing our own communities! The students are working hard to create a large scale drawing complete with streets, arenas, movie theaters, and animal shelters.

Team Badger Teaching Staff

Suzanne Pelkey (Classroom Teacher); Carolyn Rommeihs (Special Education Teacher), and Doreen Patrone (Teacher Assistant)

Kindness Chain Video