The Three different types of Water

Brackish, Salt and Fresh water

these waters are full of similarities and differences

The salinity of water what determines the type of water of which it is. Fresh water with contains no salt, where as Salt water averages around 3.5% salt: and brackish water being a mixture of fresh and salt water thus having less salt.

Salt Water

Fresh Water

Fresh water is more than just the water we drink or use in our everyday life. It is a necessity to many species and is a very important aspect of the earth. Besides humans some of the fish species are to the right and some of the plant species that can depend on fresh water above

Brackish Water

Where salt meets fresh. Brackish water is where most oceans and lakes or river meet creating a mixture of fresh water and salt water. due to the increased volume of water with no salt input the percent of salinity for brackish water is less than that of Salt water.