Local News Update

Animal Abuse

What is animal abuse?

Animals all over the world and even in the United States are being abused today. Animals should not be treated any different than we as people. Animals have feelings and emotion. Studies show they have feelings just like us. People abuse animals in many ways like beat them, do not feed their animals, do not give their animals water, no shelter, and even shoot them. Owners that abuse or abandon their animals should have them taken away immediately and should have a consequence. Animals are being abused by the owner taking his or her anger out on the animal.

You can help!

We can stop animal abuse together

There is many ways you can stop and prevent animal abuse. First you will need to know who to call because in every City or State have different numbers. Watch around your neighborhood and see if animals are well taken care of. We can all stop animal abuse together if we put forth the effort. Its all up to you to help save these innocent lives of animals. SAPCA is a animal rescue place that helps animal that have been hurt.