Staff Miller Minute

We #cando & #willdo our personal best to inspire excellence!

Week 12 ~ November 3

Time Change

We may have to go home in the dark this week, but at least we will drive to work in the light (well, most of us)! Turn your clocks back one hour this weekend!

Arrival Time

As a reminder, teachers are expected to be on campus no later than 7:05 and ready to greet children by 7:10. Some of you are sliding into work a little later than required. Please be mindful of your arrival time.


Videos + Expectations

Let's learn more about our strengths. Each video is approximately 1 minute in length. Please watch each video and think about the people who exhibit these strengths. Do you see this strength in your interactions with these people, or is it a hidden talent?


Individualization - Learn more about your innate talents from Gallup's Clifton StrengthsFinder!
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Input - Learn more about your innate talents from Gallup's Clifton StrengthsFinder!
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Intellection - Learn more about your innate talents from Gallup's Clifton StrengthsFinder!
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To Do


From now on, I will only update this section monthly.

The calendar below is clickable for easier viewing options.

Jeans will be Mondays (#MISDProud), Fridays (Spirit), and some Wednesdays (College Shirt).

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November 11 - Adjusted Schedule

Our 4th grade teachers have the opportunity to collaborate with teachers across the campus as well as Godley ISD, but we need to adjust our schedule to accommodate this time.

See the schedule below:

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District News

GT Training Opportunity

Contact: Becky Wiginton

Audience: Elementary Principals, K-5 Elementary Teachers

Please continue to send this information to your staff. The first opportunity is Nov. 14, and they can sign up in Eduphoria.

There are three opportunities this school year to earn GT professional development hours. Hours earned can either count towards the 19-20 school year or for the 20-21 school year depending on the need. One hour of GT credit will be awarded upon completion of the session. Teachers may pick and choose sessions of interest or attend all three. These professional learning sessions are offered in an effort to support earning GT PD hours beyond what is offered in the summer. To see session details, including dates and times, click on this document.

Mandatory Recognition Dates

November 3: Father of Texas Day, in memory of Stephen F. Austin, the great pioneer patriot and the real and true Father of Texas. Father of Texas Day shall be regularly observed by appropriate and patriotic programs in the public schools to properly commemorate the birthday of Stephen F. Austin and to inspire a greater love for this beloved state. Gov’t Code 662.045 J