Genre Project

By: Michaella Baker


Humor: Humor books are made to make someone laugh. sometimes these books can have different types of genres in it .(romance, historical, action or adventure etc.) Some readers think these books are amusing.

like: I funny, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, Captain Under pants


Biography: When another person writes about another person. It can also be taken in as a book about one specific person written by a different person.

like : Morgan Freeman a biography by: Kathleen Tracy, J.F.K, By: Howard S. Kaplan



Historical: historical books are book from the of 1950 ‘s and later . These books can be written by an historical person there notes or books about them.

It books like: Quanah Parker, David (Davy) crockett, and John F. Kennedy

Science Fiction

Science Fiction: It is a fiction genre that tells about science and technology in the future. Not all Science Fiction books are real like the dinosaurs before down book , dinosaurs where real but became extinct.


Fantasy: people have special powers. there are imaginary characters like dragons and wizards. The theme of the story is good vs. evil and use magic to do impossible things.
For example the lightning thief is science fiction because,Percy is a half blood and that means that he is half human and half olympian.

Realistic Fiction

Realistic fiction: Realistic fiction can be untrue but it could actually happen. Some of the events, people, or places can actually be real . Realistic fiction is based on real life events.

Auto Biograohy

Auto Biography: An autobiography genre is a book where someone wrote the book about themselves. It is often about their life story's. These books are like the Laura Ingles Wielder books.


Romance: Is about people falling in love. They usually include kissing and a lot of flirting. Romance books are mostly about two people that are in love. Like, the Fault in Our Stars, or If I Stay.


Adventure: Is about characters going on exciting adventures or missions. Often with mythical creatures. these books are fast reads and you never want to stop the book because its such a good adventure you want to see what happens.


Mystery: These books are really fast past. Like detectives or finding clues.

example: The Nancy Drew series, The Hardy Boys , The Boxcar Children or The A-Z Mystery books


Thriller: Thriller is scary and it can be a lot of books because almost all books have some scary parts in them. This also includes imaginary people like zombies and ghosts and monsters. This genre is for people who like to read scary books.


Memoir: When the author writes about there life and notes about there life and what they have learned.