BILC Newsletter

March 2016

Having Fun & Feeling Good

Our before and after school theme for March has been focused around identifying how we are each feeling and what seems fun for the day. Some recent professional development for our staff helped us to remember that what we think might be great for the kids on a given day might not be what they actually need or want.

Miss Carlie and Miss Sarah were instrumental in helping design and implement a way for the kids to express each day how they are feeling. Please take a moment to check out the revised 'activity board' in the front hall of the center (or on the cart at Wales Campus) to see how we are doing this. Ask your child about it too.

Some ways we have had fun this month so far include:

- celebrating 'National Days' such as National Barbie Day, National Pack Your Lunch Day, and National Cereal Day

- creating sculptures and obstacle courses out of our playground materials

- using cardboard boxes in the Rec Room in our play

- and more air hockey table

Please talk to Traci or Carlie if you would like to make a last minute addition for