My Poems

By: Rondalee

My Bad Day couplet

I spilled ice cream on my shirt,

My pants are covered in dirt.

I lost my car key,

My heart is drained of glee.

I must stop and say,

I am having a very bad day.

Sundays similies and metaphores

We are cheetahs rushing to church

The preacher preaches and we go home

We smell the delisious, big, ham

We dig our forks into the pan

Now its nap time for my parents

They sleep like mice its so nice

Then its dinner

Now its bed

Thats my sundays

Thats the end.

Luscious Lunch Imagery

As I walk through the line,

Can't wait to eat.

The fresh smell goes up my nose.

As it waits for me t devour it, it sizzles on the stove.

We walk into the cool cafiteria,

Get our food and go.

We take our first bite with half care,.

The hot chiliburns our mouth,

While the soft. squishy, bread, dripping with icing, melts in your mouth.

We enjoy our lunch,

then head to recess.

The Night Pesonifacation

The stars dance in the sky.

The moon guides the night into dawn.

The sky looks over the sea.

The mountain listens to the rain.

The morning fallows.