Slavery in America

Slavery, Underground Railroad, Music


  • Slavery started in 1619, then ended in 1865
  • Slavery separated families
  • Slaves got auctioned off
Slavery had a triangle called THE TRIANGLE TRADE and it went from Africa, to the Caribbean, to North America, then Europe. Slave traders traded slaves for produces like rum, sugar, and tobacco.

Underground Railroad

  • The Underground Railroad is an escape for slaves.
  • Harriet Tubman was also involved she lead over 300 slaves to freedom through the Underground Railroad she made 19 trips and never lost a slave.
  • The Underground Railroad was actually just paths through houses and the woods all the way up to the north.


  • Music was a big part of their life's
  • Their songs were about freedom and they also described some of their lives.
  • They sang everywhere in the fields, cleaning the house, and more.
  • And some songs where codes of escaping

Here are some pictures of what we are talking about

Hope you learned some interesting facts about slavery.