NACA Mid America

April Newsletter

Changes in Educational Sessions!


NACA Mid America is asking you to share your passions, interests, and expertise at the Mid America Conference in Covington, Kentucky on November 6-9, 2014! This year, the Educational and Professional Development committee, along with "NACA World headquarters", has adjusted the format of the educational sessions in order to provide more options for not only students, but professional staff and graduate students. We are encouraging students, graduate students, staff, and associates to foster their creative and professional resources to provide the best educational sessions in the country.

As you review the educational submission form, you will notice some changes in the format. The first includes a question about who your target audience is, which ranges from the staff, students, associates or a combination. The second change you will notice is the ability to acknowledge the content area of your presentation. While there is great value to educational sessions geared toward student activities and leadership programs and practices, there are now options which encourage presenters to share their expertise and passion beyond the scope of student activities. The next two sections are probably the most significant changes in the educational and professional development process. As a presenter, you now have more flexibility in choosing which type of educational session format you would like to present. For example, you can choose to present a lecture, panel, experiential, roundtable, or a best practice that could range from 30-60 minutes. NACA has committed to provide the resources necessary for your presentation to be a success. Whether it is the traditional presentation, an innovative roundtable, or an Ignite format, NACA is encouraging you to submit the style that works best for you.

Finally, the educational submission form asks you to identify which learning outcome is geared toward your educational session. These learning outcomes were pulled from the NACA Professional Development & Leadership Competencies and are intended for presenters to connect their topics to NACA’s overall learning outcomes and professional development. We hope that after reading this you will strongly consider submitting an educational session for the NACAMAM conference this next fall.

To learn more about educational session submissions or if you're ready to submit, please click here.

If you have any questions about the process, feel free to e-mail

Apply to be a Graduate Intern

Graduate interns provide support for the following areas: Educational Programs, CAMP, Volunteer Center and Block Booking. They would also receive guidance from a mentor in the student affairs field, a complimentary conference registration and ticket to the Professional Development Luncheon. For more information on the Graduate Intern description please click here, or apply here. Please note that these volunteers must be a current graduate student either enrolled or working at an institution within the Mid-America region. (May 1 Deadline)

Graduate Intern Mentor

These mentors provide guidance and professional development to the graduate interns prior to, and throughout the NACA Regional conference. They provide insight on what it means to be a student activities professional, and are encouraged to present an educational session with their mentee. Please note that Graduate Intern Mentors are asked to have at least 5 years of experience and are working at an institution within the Mid-America region. For more information please click here or apply here. (May 1 Deadline)

Educational Session Committee

The Education Session Committee would serve as support to the Education and Professional Development Coordinator by assisting with the selection of, implementation, and evaluation of Mid-America’s educational sessions. If this interests you please click here for more information and to apply. Members of the Educational Session Committee must be full time professional staff members or graduate students at NACA member institutions. (May 1 Deadline)