WRE Coffee Talk

WRE Donations...where does the money go?


It goes without saying that without our wonderful parents and their contributions throughout the year, White Rock Elementary would not be the exemplary school we have come to know and love. Awww...that's great, but where are my contributions going? Not to worry....we are going to spell that out for you!

We have (2) main areas your contributions fund:

  • PTA Operating Budget
  • WRE Auction

Both are equally important and directly impact the staff and students of our school. Let's begin by detailing the PTA Operating budget.

PTA Operating Budget

It is important to note that WRE PTA in a non-profit organization. This means that all funds contributed are used for the staff and students only.

The operating budget is what the PTA uses for the entire school year to facilitate programs, educational enhancements, teacher training, etc...

Write-a-check (PTA Operating Budget)

The school relies on money from the PTA to cover the gap between what our state and district provides and the kind of educational and community programs we know will build a truly well rounded child. PTA spends approximately $40 per student throughout the year ($45,000.00) on programs such as:

  • Donuts with Dad
  • Muffins with Mom
  • Author Visits
  • Family Picnic
  • Back-to-School Expo
  • Communication
  • Parent Education Programs
  • Arts in Education (Reflections)
  • School beautification
  • Teacher appreciation
  • Book Fair
  • Multiculture education
  • Talent Show
  • Junior Achievement

Understandably, not everyone is able to make this contribution, leaving us short on our PTA Operating budget goal. This is where events such as Chick-fil-A night, donations to Muffins with Moms, Donuts with Dad, Specials teacher donations, and Write-a-check child sponsor contributions make a huge difference.

WRE Auction

Our Auction is celebrating it's third year as a contributor to our school. The Auction funds are collected and used directly for our staff and students as well. The focus of the auction for the past (2) years has gone to teacher training, increased technology in our classrooms, teacher classroom materials etc... and is handled by our PTA President and Disbursements coordinator and voted on by our PTA members at the end of the school year.

An Auction is a huge undertaking with financial hits up front....this is where our WRE Booster Club makes a huge difference!

WRE Booster Club (Auction Fund)

The Booster Club is an opportunity for local businesses to connect with hundreds of neighborhood families while supporting our local elementary school.

Booster club donations are tax-deductible. The business work closely with our PTA ways and Means coordinators on the many different levels of publication and marketing opportunities we have for your business.

Proceeds from the Booster Club allow the PTA to put on special programs, assist the teachers with additional training programs and their classroom wish lists, and help fund some of the hard costs of the fundraising auction.

To become a Booster, please contact Jill Wright


Why do we limit (2) fundraising opportunities?

WRE subscribes to the Texas PTA 3-TO-1 GUIDELINE

PTA’s should use the 3-to-1 guideline when planning the year’s activities. For every fundraising activity, there should be at least three non-fundraising programs aimed at helping parents and children. Programs can be advocating for children’s and families rights as well as school improvements.

How can the children get involved?

Great question! In the past we have had several students write letters to grandparents, friends, family, and businesses asking for Write-a-Check donations and Booster involvement. Our Campus has opted out of school wide door-to-door sales in order to help support those organizations that rely on that heavily; such as, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Lake Highlands JR High, and Lake Highlands High School. We do understand some parents and kids want to be included in fundraising opportunities and the write a letter campaign is a great way for kids to contribute!

Where can I go for even more information?

For more information on contributions, Booster Club, and WRE, please visit:

www.wrepta.org or contact Keely Smith.