AcroFit for Familes and Partners

Wednesdays 6pm! (Ages 7 and up)

Discover your inner Acrobat, while working out with a partner or family member

One of the beauties of acrobatics is the cooperation between two or more people to achieve each skill. In this class there is an emphasis on building and maintaining core strength, balance, proper posture/alignment and flexibility in a safe, structured environment. You do not have to be a gymnast or acrobat. You do not have to be a specific weight, height or body type. In acrobatics, there is a role for a multitude of sizes, shapes and ages. This class is multi-generational and multi-skill level. If you have never taken gymnastics or acrobatics before, you will not be overwhelmed and if your skills are high, you will find challenge. The class starts with a warm-up and stretch, individual skill building exercises, partner skill building exercises, acrobatics, conditioning and a cool down. This class is a unique opportunity to work out as a family or in pairs. Great for moms and dads (with or without the kids), siblings (with or without your parents), friends, couples or any combination!

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Meet our AcroFit instructor

Top Ten Reasons I love acrobatics

1. It feels great! … to learn new amazing skills and discover that you are stronger and more powerful than you ever imagined.
2. The skills you learn, benefit you in life, whether you compete or not. Just consider, it improves your body awareness, balance, posture, strength, flexibility, blood circulation, overall body condition, mental acuity, timing, confidence, skills of cooperation and boosts your mood.
3. Youth and adults work together, not just side by side, but hand in hand…or hand in footJ
4. It’s so cool to see the endless possibilities and how every skill you learn builds upon the next.
5. It works both upper and lower body.
6. It’s challenging … in all the right ways.
7. It requires focus and concentration so it builds mental strength as well as physical strength.
8. It’s done inside on a mat. Hey, you could be out skulling on the lake at the break of dawn in 40 degree water. Which would you prefer?J
9. Other than a forgiving floor, it requires no special equipment.
10. When someone asks you what you do for fun, you can say acrobatics! How awesome is that?


Wednesday, March 5th, 6-7:30pm

1580 Oakland Road, Ste 203, San Jose, CA 95131

Try out the class before the public grand opening. Wed, March 5 is a donation based class so you can try it out!
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