Kindergarten STEAMy Update

Mrs. Jackson's Class


We are moving full STEAM ahead. Students are quickly getting use to the routines of kindergarten and friendships are beginning to form. It was nice seeing many of you at curriculum night this past Thursday. Below you will find important information about this upcoming week and a few updates from last week.

We hope you have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Jackson and Ms. Timmer

Room Parents

Our classroom is in need of two room parents for the year. Dani, PTO President, sent the information below to our A2 STEAM community. Please read below to learn more about being a room parent at A2 STEAM.

So, you want to be a Room Parent?

Room Parenting 101 for grades K-5

Some FAQ's

Q: What does the term “Room Parent” really mean?

A: Long ago, the term was “Room Mom”, which in this day and age seems like we wouldn’t allow Dads in the classroom! Now we have opened the door to any parent, guardian, even grandparents! In a nutshell, you will be asked to coordinate parties and activities throughout the year, according to what the teacher’s plans and needs are.

Q: Isn’t that a lot of work for one person?

A: If you know a parent who’s child is also in the class, ask them to work with you as a Co-Room Parent. This is a great way to share the responsibilities and make lasting friendships! Or make it known you would be in to sharing the responsibility.

Q: What are the benefits of being a Room Parent?

A: Almost too numerous to mention! You will get to know your child in a different light, and see young minds grow throughout the year. A very important reward is having the chance to help one of the few people who work harder than you do - your child’s teacher!

Picture Day

Picture Day is this Tuesday, September 20, 2016. A picture form was sent home last week. You can either send a check or pay online. Please let me know if you have questions.

Shapes and Numbers Are EVERYWHERE!

Math: We continued to explore shapes and numbers. We discussed the characteristics of each pattern block and noticed the number of sides and points. Students were also able to go on a number walk and write down all the numbers they saw around A2 STEAM.


Students continue to identify their name and friend's names. We have also been working on identifying rhyming words through pictures and familiar nursery rhymes. At home play fun rhyming games or read books/text that have rhyming words. This week we will continue to work on names and rhymes with the addition of letter recognition.

What Is STEAM?

This week we were Mathematicians and Technicians. Students discovered that we use math for so many things! They participated in activities in which they had to identify numbers, make shapes, measure, and sort. We also had our first lesson with our iPads. We discovered that many people use technology when they are working to help them do their jobs better. As students at A2 STEAM, we will use technology to enhance our work.


Weekly Schedule

Below is a tentative weekly schedule. It is subject to change to meet the needs of the class. Please let me know if you have questions.
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