By: Alonzo Alvarez

What forms you will need.

You will need a W-2 and you can get these from your boss.

Top section

On the first thing you will need to fill out the first line by putting your full name and add your social security number. The second line is filled if the form is being filled jointly. The third line is your address, the fourth line is your the city and zip code you live in.


On the first line you will put your wage and salary. This is located on box 1 of the W-2 form. In the second line you will write down Federal Taxes Withheld. You don't add anything on the unemployment compensation. On the 4th just add all of them up.For line 5 go to the back of the sheet and fill it out. Line A goes the amount of line 1 on the front and add indicated amount. Line D you write the bigger numbers on top. Line E you write down 6,300 if single. Put the smallest of the two on line E. For line F do not put anything. Add llines E and F that goes on line G. Then go back to line 6 the number you subtract lines 5 from 4.

Payments, Credits and Tax

Line 7 you write down the Federal Income Tax Withed. For line 8 you don't add anything. Line 9 its the addition of the two lines above. Line 10 you need the tax charts and find your number by using the taxable income from line 6. Nothing for health care. Line 12 you just add lines 10 and 11.


Line 13a you just fill out if line 9 is bigger that line 12. This can be your refund if you have any.

Amount You Owe

If line 12 is bigger than line 9 subtract line 9 from 12. Then it would be the amount you owe.