Recap: 1st Grade Level PLC

Projections: 5th 6 Weeks Data Analysis

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet today for our weekly grade level PLC. It is great to see that you continue having high expectations for our scholars! I will be preparing the medals for next week. As a reminder, the superpowers are:

5th 6 weeks

Reading: Fire breathing

Math: Mind control


Here are the performance projections that you gave for the 5th 6 weeks Common Formative Assessment:

Ms. Dominick


Below 60%: Adrian Martinez SST

Below 80%: Alex Sanchez

Inconsistent, day to day:


Omayda (TAG)


Below 60%: no one

Below 80%: Adrian Martinez

Mrs. Mondragon


Inconsitent, day to day: Victor, Jonathan, Ricardo (3)

80% and above: Daisy, Joana, Alan, Destiny, Justin, Bryan, Kevin, Leonardo, Valeria (9)

70% adn above: Alexandria, Danny, Guillermo, Galon, Alissa, Viridiana, Nay, Francisco (8)


Adolfo, Brandon, Elijah, Yahir (4)

80% above: Giselle, Ailyn, Edgar, Fernanda, Sebastian, Steve, Melanie, Pamela, Giovanni (9)

70% Christian, Alondra, Marely, Reyhan, Adrian (5)

Mrs. Gonzalez


Failing: 6

Mid range: 10

85% above: 2


Failing: 6 (Reyhan - tutoring, trying at home) Elijah: mom is not consistent (RTI) - he needs glasses

Mid range: 10

85% above: 4

Ms. Figueroa


Above 80%: 12 students

Less than 70%: 3 students: Ahideliz Garcia, Jared Trevino, Destiny Loyola


Above 80%: 12 students

Less 70%: 3 students: Nancy Cobos, Gael Esquivel, Christopher Rdz

Mr. Schaul


Above 80%: 12

70s: 1

Below 70%: 3


Aboove 80%: 15

70s: 2

Above 80% in every single TEKS except for 1.2F, 1.8C

Mr. Fernandez


6 st. above 80%

10 st. around 70%

4 st. below 70%


8/19 st. above 80%

9 st. around 70%

2 st. below 60%

Math teachers note: Please as soon as you have your data, record it on the Heat Maps. You will find the links below. Deadline to input your data is Friday 4/17 by 7:40 a.m, so I can print a copy for everybody in color before the meeting.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Thanks and have a great weekend!