Ferdinand Magellan

Yahli Toledano

Fact file

Born: 1480 in Portugal.

Died: 27 of April, 1521 in the Philippines.

Ferdinand Magellan is known for being the first sailor who sailed around the world, and for discovering the Strait of Magellan.

Ferdinands' voyage

Background: Ferdinand started as part of the Portuguese service, but because he decided to go on a voyage without the permission of the king of Portugal, he got dismissed. He moved to Spain and got very close to the king there.

Before he set sail Ferdinand went to discuss the plan with the Spanish king. The king gave Ferdinand and his crew money and raised Ferdinand's rank to commander. Ferdinand bought five ships and collected 270 people to come with him.

Ferdinand traveled all around the world. He started his voyage in Spain, sailed south to Brazil and discovered the Strait of Magellan. He crossed the Pacific Ocean and died in the Philippines in battle. Only 18 men survived and returned to Spain. The voyage was three years long, from 1519-1522 (But Ferdinands' voyage ended in 1521)

An explorer has to be...

I think that an explorer must be:

Brave- An explorer is a man who travels a lot in places that are not very safe and maybe even dangerous, if the explorer isn't brave he would often get scared and that might ruin the voyage.

Creative- On voyages things may not go the way the explorer planned , because of the weather, time, illness .. If a situation like this occurs the explorer needs to find a new plan and fast. If he isn't creative ,he might do things that won't help to fix the situation and it might get him into deeper trouble.

Charismatic- In order for people to follow him ,an explorer must be charismatic.


I would have said yes!

I think I would have enjoyed his voyage. One of my dreams is to travel around the world and go on a crazy adventure like this. I think it's exciting to meet different people, get to know cultures and see the world.

Ferdinand Magellan