Rocky Mountain Trip

Brian Austin

I will be going on the trip with my father and we will need to purchase a $30 pass for our car to enter the park. We will also need to pay a summer campground fee of $26 a night for $104 total. We will be going in the summer, June 6-10, because the temperature is much more manageable this time of year. We will be staying on the Glacier Basin Campground near Bear Lake. Food storage will be provided but we will mostly likely not use it.

Food and Water

For breakfast each day we will have Alpine Aire Foods Cinnamon Apple Crisps. It's $4.50 for 2 servings so for 4 days it will be $18 on breakfast.

For lunch each day we will have Alpine Air Foods Chicken Gumbo. It's 7.50 for 2 servings so the total will be $30 for lunch.

For dinner each day we will have Alpine Aire Foods Santa Fe Black Beans and Rice. It's $6.50 for 2 servings so the total will be $26 for Dinner.

All the meals only require hot water to prepare and the total for food will be $74 in all for food.

For water we will use the Katadyb Hiker PRO Water Filter for $84.95.

To warm the water we will use the Snow Peak Giga Power Auto Stove for $49.95 with the Snow Peak Trek 900 Titanium Cookset for $52.95. We will also buy 2 Snow Peak Sporks of $17.90. The Snow Peak Giga Power Fuel for the stove will be $14.

We will buy 4 CamelBak Chute Water Bottles for a total of $52.


1. For backpacks we will need 2 JanSport Klamsth 55r packs for a total of $200

2. For a tent we will use the REI Passage 2 Tent for $160.

3. For sleeping bags we will need 2 REI Travel Sack Sleeping Bags for a total of $80.

4. The aforementioned water purifier is our 4th major piece of equipment for $84.95.

For other equipment we will need hiking boots, flashlights, fishing poles, cameras, rain jackets, as well as 4 days worth of undergarments, t's and shorts, however we already have these things so there will be no additional costs.


We will be hiking the Key Hole, Blue Bird Lake, Andrews Glacier and Thunder Lake across the 4 days.

We will also be fishing, which will be $42 total for the passes.

Total Cost

With all the costs added together the trip will be around $962.