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Owning and operating a Live Steam Locomotive, after all.

Frequently Asked Questions About Live Steam Locomotives

Individuals who are new to Live Steam Australia often have questions regarding the engines used in these systems. This is understandable, as many people are new to this hobby and haven't encountered many locomotives. They don't know what is available and which type is best for their system. Following are some questions that many new to a Garden Railway have.

How Much Does a Live Steamer Cost?

People who are familiar with electric locomotives often wonder how much a Live Steam Locomotive will cost. The expense is much less than many would imagine, and live steam version are often competitively priced with their electric counterparts. However, the price does increase as the complexity of the locomotive increases. This is to be expected and takes into account the quality of these machines and the time involved in constructing them.

How Much Can a Live Steamer Pull?

As with cost, people want to know how much a live steam locomotive can pull when compared with an electric version. When both are placed on a level track, their pulling power is very similar. However, electric engines can pull more when moving a load up a grade.

Do the Locomotives Require Maintenance?

When constructed properly, a live steam engine should last for many years. Any maintenance that is required can typically be carried out by the owner with nothing more than the tools he or she already owns. In the event special tools are needed, they typically come with the locomotive at the time of purchase. Over time, basic parts must be replaced, which is true of the parts of any engine.

How Easy Is it to Operate a Live Steam Locomotive?

Individuals who have operated an electric engine in the past will find it takes more skill to operate a live steam locomotive. However, the average person can operate one with little difficulty, and a person's skill level improves each time they take the engine for a run.

Which Fuel is Best?

This depends on many factors. Butane gas is the most common and the easiest to use. Coal requires more skill and alcohol burns silently. Railway owners need to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each and make the decision based on what they are comfortable with after obtaining this knowledge.

If you are considering constructing a Live Steam Australia railway, there are numerous resources that will be of benefit. Consider joining a club or organization dedicated to this hobby, and do some research on the internet. You'll love your system once it is done, so get started today.