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Create your own burger

Burger Buffet Makes Your Burger Dreams Come True...

What makes us different..

Welcome to BURGER MANIA, where the burgers, buns and fries are always hot, fresh and made to order. With our buffet set up, you are able to create the best burger you've ever tasted. Our meat is cooked fresh in front of you. We also have choices for vegans & vegetarians. No discrimination here!

Business Plan & Financial Needs

We will have a minimal amount of staff. The cooks will all be visible to consumers; it is proof that our ingredients are freshly made and served!

To start our business venture we are asking for a 170,000 investment. This investment will help us achieve our goal of expanding to become a successful corporation.

10,000 towards meat & other ingredients, 150,000 toward the building, 5,000 - Market section, buy your own meat and special homemade sauces.

This business has a promising high profit. The cost of ingredients is low compared to the actual price each person will pay.


Other buffet style restaurants such as CiCi's Pizza, Chinese Buffets, and Furr's would be considered "competition" but in reality... these restaurants have no where near the creativity & experience Burger Mania has to offer.

Advertising and Marketing Strategies

Burger Mania is located in central Dallas, a highly populated area. Our target customer is EVERYONE! Perfect for family night out, college kids on a budget searching for quality food, date night, after school snack, vegans, vegetarians....all of the above!

The cost of advertising through newspapers, local magazines, websites, and apps is a cheap price to pay considering the expected consumer rate will skyrocket

Menu broken down to 5 easy steps

Step 1: Pick your bun

Step 2: Pick your meat (beef, chicken, lamb, goat, pork, ham, turkey) for vegetarians/vegans (tofu, beans, chickpeas, seitan, mushroom caps, tempeh)

Step 3: the fun part! Ingredients... all you can eat & all you can imagine.

Step 4: Optional salad bar/buffet

Step 5: Drink & Fries

  • Choose from: Fountain drink, smoothie, milkshake, lemonade, and tea
  • Our classic large cut fries will impress your tastebuds and you'll be coming back for more!

Come Visit Us

Monday-Friday: 12pm-12am

Saturday: 11am-12am

Sunday: Closed